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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this list of our most commonly asked questions to find the answer you’re looking for.

Question: How come you charge so little for initial design? What’s the catch?
Answer: There really is no catch. This is how we do business – in fact, it’s what our entire business model is based on! We want to develop long-term relationships with small businesses and organizations, so we don’t strap you with high costs up front!

Site Design Related Questions

Question: How much do you charge to design a website?
Answer: When a site template is needed, either for a new business with no existing website or an existing website that needs to be completely redone the fee based upon the size of the website. Beyond that, any changes to your site (provided they conform with or enhance the existing site template) we offer maintenance packages for a monthly fee.

Question: How do I come up with a site template?
Answer: There are many ways to do this, we believe it all needs to come from your vision of how the website will communicate your business information. Show us an outline of what you want, point us to a website you like for an example, and provide us with graphics you have already had developed for your organization. We will take the time to get it right, and we won’t force you into a look you don’t like. Ultimately, we want your site to always be a reflection of what you want!

Question: What if I want custom artwork on my site?
Answer: We can do a lot in terms of colors, navigation buttons and backgrounds that are included in the site design. For many clients, this is all that is needed. If you would like to have a logo or other custom illustration created, we can do this type of work for an additional (very reasonable) fee. Please contact us for more details.

web toolsSite Maintenance Related Questions

Question: I don’t have a website yet, or I have one that is very out of date. How long will it take to get my site created or updated site online?
Answer: We can generally get a placeholder site online very quickly, within three days, and at that time we can usually do some quick updates to the existing site if you have one. Then the site evolves, but during the initial month we’ll try to get all the information we need from you to have your design template complete. The speed the site is built depends on how quickly you get the information to us that we need to build it.
If you have an existing site that is out of date, we’ll try to get the old information changed right away. Then the information about redesign from the paragraph above applies. Redesigns CAN go faster since all of the content (in theory) is already there. This is different on a site-by-site basis, and we’ll set realistic expectations with you once we see it and understand your plans for changing it.

Question: I already have my site hosted elsewhere. Can I pay Laura Jean Business Services to keep it up to date?
Answer: Yes, provided your hosting provider supports our web design software. which most do. Our maintenance plans start at around $40 per month.

Question: How fast does Laura Jean Business Services process maintenance requests?
Answer: Most maintenance requests can be completed in one to three business days.

Question: What about pictures or additional text?
Answer: Adding pictures or modifying text is considered maintenance and thus should take one to three business days to complete. There is no additional fee for these types of revisions, this is what is covered by your monthly plan – in fact we encourage frequent changes to keep your site from becoming updated and interesting!

Question: What about changing the design template?
Answer: Design changes are sometimes more complex, but in most cases we can usually get things done in three to five business days. This includes page additions, new design elements and overall site navigation changes. This would not include completely redesigning your template. But we find that once you have a template you like, you will probably not wish to change it often.

Question: So you never charge for maintenance requests or design changes?
Answer: The monthly fee covers a reasonable amount of changes – at this point we have “reasonable” defined at about 2 hours of work per month. If your business grows to the point that you need more frequent maintenance, or want to frequently change the design, we have plans that cover more time for updates, at very low rates.

website hostingHosting Related Questions

Question: Does your site package and maintenance service include hosting?
Answer: For an additional $15 per month, we will host your site on our fast and reliable servers, provide you with email addresses for your organization — and support on all hosting and email related matters!

Question: How many email addresses do we get with our website if Laura Jean Business Services hosts it?
Answer: You may have Unlimited email addresses

Question: I’m not ready to put up a site yet, or I want to design my own. Can I just get my domain name hosted and some email addresses set up?
Answer: Sure: We can do this for $15.00 per month, and then you can upgrade to a Design and Maintenance plan when you are ready.

Domain Registration Related Questions

Question: I haven’t registered a domain yet, can you help me select one?
Answer: Absolutely – we can give you expert guidance regarding selecting a good domain and how to protect it.

Question: I have chosen a domain but haven’t registered it yet. What should I do?
Answer: We can confirm your domain name’s availability, register it for you, and keep it registered each year for a very low annual charge. Contact us and let us know how we can help.

Question: I have a domain registered already; do I need to change anything to work with Laura Jean Business Services.
Answer: With a little information from you, we can usually handle these changes from our end. In fact, we don’t recommend you change anything on your end (unless directed by us) so we can precisely time the transition to keep your downtime as minimal as possible.

cogs-working togetherCustom Services Related Questions

Question: Can Laura Jean Business Services set up an online store or help us sell online with eBay?
Answer: We can integrate online selling into your website, and we can even help you figure out which solution, or solutions, would work best for you. There are many vendors out there that provide services to sell online, and we can integrate virtually any system into our sites. However, we recommend you consult with us first so that you begin a process in a realistic and affordable way– so that it makes sense for you.

Question: Can Laura Jean Business Services set up other “bells and whistles” on our website?
Answer: For minor additional fees, we can create contact forms, newsletter sign-ups, guest books and more! Run your idea by us — even if it is not something we have built before, we are open to whatever you would like! In some cases they may be things we can do “in house” and in other cases we may need to find some “third party support”. But whatever it is, we will always be your advocate for getting services that make sense to you at prices you can afford.

Question: Can Laura Jean Business Services help us develop a logo or custom artwork for our site?
Answer: Absolutely! Although you are under no obligation to use our services, we can do some amazing things for prices that are really very reasonable.

Question: Can Laura Jean Business Services provide a “Privacy Policy” or “Terms of Use” for our website?
Answer: We aren’t attorneys so we can’t write these for you, but depending on your business and purpose of your website you may really need to consider having one or both of these on your site. There are legal resources available online and in your local phone directory that can assist with this process.

Delivering solutionsVirtual Assistant Related Questions

Question: What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?
Answer: A VA is an individual who provides office support to businesses or individuals from an off-site location. Information is typically shared via email, fax, telephone, etc. VAs like many of their clients are business owners themselves; they own and operate their virtual company. Often, a VA will become a behind-the-scenes partner with their clients, handling such tasks as administrative support, bookkeeping, scheduling etc.

Question: What services are offered by Virtual Assistants (VAs)?
Answer: VAs offer a wide variety of services. Here are some samples: Secretarial Support, Billings and Collections, Website Creation and Maintenance, Graphic Arts, Newsletters, Advertising Campaigns, Complex Text Processing, Business Correspondence, eMail Management, Travel Arrangements, Business Coaching, Research, Concierge Services, Office Management, and many more. For a complete list of services that Laura Jean Business Services offers see our “Operations” page.

Question: Why would I use a Virtual Assistant (VA) instead of a temp agency?
Answer: Unlike with a temp agency, your VA works for YOU. Typically a VA has several years of experience in his/her field. A VA’s goal is to help your company grow. Beyond that VAs have a vested interest in your success. When you succeed – we succeed. You can use the same VA for all of your needs. With a temp agency you may get a different temp each time you need their help. With a VA you are able to develop a long-term working relationship.

Question: What are the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) as opposed to an employee?
Answer: There are numerous benefits: No employee taxes, paid benefits or insurance, no OSHA issues or jeopardy of lawsuits. Maybe your company only needs 10 hours worth of support each week. You would have to pay someone part-time or full-time and scramble to keep them busy to justify their expense. Possibly you have seasonal work overloads and only need assistance for a few months out of the year. The wonderful benefit of a VA is the working relationship is tailored to fit your needs.

Question: Who can benefit from using a Virtual Assistant (VA)?
Answer: The amazing part of virtual assistance is that almost everyone can benefit from using a VA. A large company may find using a VA for any overflow work to be useful or maybe instead of 3 secretaries they may need to only employ 1 or 2 and have a VA do the rest. A small company may use a VA for all of their billings, collections, marketing, accounting, etc. A busy individual may use a VA to help them plan a special event. This may include, for example, everything from booking the room, ordering the food, coordinating travel, creating invitations, etc. A college student may use a VA to type their 25 page research paper. VAs are typically very skilled typists. This may prove to be a great time saver for a busy college student who without typing skills or speed. Almost anyone can benefit from using a VA.

Question: Do I need to use a local VA?
No. The beauty of your assistant being virtual is – – location doesn’t impact our ability to do our jobs. The work is distributed via email, fax, telephone or in some cases US Postal service. The location of your business or the location of your VA has no impact on the services that are available to you unless your VA lives outside of the United States due to time and cultural differences. If your company relocates – – we simply relocate with you! There will be no need to recruit, hire, and train a new employee. This can be a great cost saving benefit to you or your company!

Question: How much does VA services cost?
Answer: Our VA services vary from $35-$75 per hour depending upon the complexity of the project.
See our pricing. »

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