A happy couple talking over coffee.

A happy couple talking over coffee.

Outsourcing can save you time by delegating tasks that don’t need your personal touch. When turning over tasks to your Virtual Assistant you can free up time for more important things, like building your business relationships.

So why not dating? Narrowing down your options when finding that special someone takes time, energy, and money.

Here’s how…

  1. Make a detailed list of attributes and values you feel are most important in a partner, the “must-haves.”
  2. Make a list of the things you do not want in a partner, the “deal-breakers.”
  3. Create questions using possible situations that will help you to determine ones compatibility, their goals and/or dreams that may be similar to yours.
  4. Next, write a standard response letter to be sent to potential candidates. Add a little personality to it …but be “you.”
  5. Have a current photo taken of yourself, to include with your response letter.
  6. Search the Internet for “Virtual Assistant Directories” to find sites that offer VA Services like LauraJeanBiz.com, VirtualAssistants.ws, Elance.com, GetAFreelancer, or VANetworking.
  7. Place a request for bids; you can start out with a specified amount of hours or set a price for the project. Note: the geological location of the VA isn’t important, that’s what they do best
  8. Send the questions and your response to your VA. Talk over your search criteria and preferences to ensure they have a clear description of the type of profile you are seeking.
  9. Your VA will then search through dating sites or personals to find matches to your criterial and send your introduction letter and questionnaire to only selected matches. Trust your VA to select prospects that they think are compatible, at this point they are still just candidates.
  10. Your VA can then read through any replies, weeding out any unqualified responses, and passing on the most compatible to you.
  11. Now that you have your list of pre-screened, pre-qualified matches to contact…the rest is up to you.

Just think of all the time and money you’ll have saved!

How much is dinner, a movie, and hours of wasted time costing you?
Good Luck!


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